“Lub-dub-lub-dub” Say’s My Heart

It’s been on and off this recently that things just happen and you dont know how to explain it to yourself.

Have you experienced the feeling like you’re so empty, don’t know what to do, and can’t think of anything of why you feel that way. It’s like your heart is suffocated and wanted to breakout but you tried to figure out from what reason.

You tried to breath heavily to console yourself and to maintain self intact. You forced yourself to do something for diversion. Hence, you wanted to cry it out but there is no single tear to cry.

I don’t know if this is ambivalence or just feeling of being bored.
Maybe I missed someone. Maybe I had an unfinished business than needs to be talked to. Maybe I need to get a life. Maybe I just have to be more open to myself because deep inside I want to get mad. However, I don’t want to be affected on things around me.

Good vibes, please.
If crying can help to ease this feelings.
Then cry.
Eyes, please cry already.
It hurts. It really hurts.
Let those lacrimal gland squeeze some tears.
Let them flow without any hesitation.
Unhindered what is hindering.
Help Ms. Heart breath smoothly.
Let Ms. Heart beat rhythmically.
Lub-dub-lub-dub in a 60-120 beats per minute.

It’s The Other Way Around

Excuses, excuses “GMF”. I think you misunderstood the mechanism of the term block and unblock, and it’s action why it was done. And why I had blocked and unblocked you. Let’s go back to english 101.

Blocked- to make sure not to see the bwisits that cause tremendous pain in your life, so you could move on easily. In short, palayo sa gamu.
Unblocked- to make sure they will see how happy you’ve been after the pain they caused you. In short, bugal ko ang ginhimo nimo, kay subong malipayon na ako! Credits for you girl.

I unblocked you due to realization. I couldn’t have thank you enough for making me put effortless steps in moving forward. Your confession about everything, about you and my ex was my ticket to my liberty. I wasn’t stalking you, GMF. I think it’s the other way around. Why would you post in your FB wall about me blocking and unblocking you, like I am your loyal fan. How would you know if I’d blocked and unblocked you if you didn’t checked up on me. Sorry to fail you, your friends list is packed with my “close friends”. Even if I do not want to hear any of your updates, but with my friends concerns, they told me how insecure you are about me. Have you forgotten, we were at the same class section before, and I’d change class to avoid you because I am so afraid what I could have done with you, not that I’ve change class because I’m afraid of you. Puffff! You must’ve a hydrocephalus, with meningitis and legit paranoia/delusional. Everyone knows who and what you are, already. I don’t need to use my body to beg for love and affection. So, I don’t need to stalk you. You are not worth stalking for, girl. I am more interested with my own life than yours.

And haven’t i told you, my Ex is all yours. You guys are just a part of my previews life chapter. So don’t butt in yourself to my present one, you may get hemorrhoids if you push yourself harder.


Your means of insecurities ever since… 

Oakley’s One Day Sale Online, 90% off!

5:00am in the morning i received a text from my boyfriend to check out this site, oakleyonlineshop. He wanted to verify with me if the site is not a bogus, and if they are selling an authentic eyewear. Guess what, they are authentic! And as soon as i saw the sale price, I automatically browsed the products and picked what i want.
The original price was $289.69 and came down to only $28.88. It is about 90% discount! Who wouldn’t buy such a discounted authentic merchandize? So here are the ones i purchased.




There are a lot of designs to choose from. Go and check it out before the end of this day. It’s a one day sale only. Free shipping will be granted to those who bought $99 or more price purchased. If not, you will be charge $20 for the shipping and handling, in addition.
What are you guys waiting for. Grab your own OAKLEY.

Happy Seventh Year Aniversary!


Yey! Im on my seventh year of blogging already. I may not always post entries but i am still here, and still taking care of this blog. This is my everything : from from life as a student, life as a nursing assistant, life as a traveller, my love life (heart broken or inlove), and even my personal life experience are all here.
I’ve been always taking care this blog as anonymous author that goes by the name limegemini. Never had, never i pulled out and put it in public. Yet, in some cases, when i went abroad for college people began recognizing me as limegemini. So, if one of you who is reading right now, knows me personally or even knows my name, let’s keep it a secret. You will be one of my bestfriends here in wordpress.
Moreover, I will try to update my blog more often. I will also post throw backs from my life as a student nurse because I’m quite sure my four years studying overseas was really a blast. And to keep it more interesting, i will also post entries of my life as a nurse in process, then as a professional nurse it self. So everone, let’s have our fingers cross. This is going to be fun.
Love you guys, and thanks for supporting my blog.


Happy Birthday my Irish Twin, Sister

My irish twin

My irish twin

Happy 26the birthday to my dear Irish Twin. Another year is added to your age, another year added to explore and experience life can offer. However, another year is also added to face pain and struggles life can bring. You may think that its too much to bear, yet think twice. Those hard paths you are taking and to be taken are just an obstacles and trials. We are oblige to face it to make us strong, learn from it and make us grow. Never stop fighting and searching for the reasons of your existence. Manang is always her for you. I will push you forward if you feel backing up. I will be your saklay if you feel your limping off. I love you ling. You are my bestfriend and my best enemy. But most of all, you are my ever dearest sister i have for my 26 years of existence in this planet. Happy birthday laling. TWIN KAPID! @darlingdale03

Girl you are the grand winner

Four years and nine months came to waste. She is the one.

I can’t bring myself to cease in giving her applause. She’s over the top of her glory! Can you blame me if i said enough is enough?

The first time i saw this girl back 2009, I already had a hunch that she is not an ordinary one, in a negative, possible way. I told my so called “boyfriend” to stay away from her. However, this boyfriend of mine, is too freaking friendly. So much to say and so much to talk about, blah blah blah blah. I know for sure this is the perfect time to say this to you dude, “I told you so!”.
I don’t believe in either of them. There are too much to handle, already. I really give the girl the credit for being the most creative and for having a colorful imagination. For this “ex-boyfriend”(now), good job for making this relationship come to end.

You guys really need to get together and talk about it more often, because your stories doesn’t sync with each other. And pretty much, this is both your problems, and i don’t want to get involve myself with this crazy shit! All i want is the two of you to step out of mylife. I know for sure that you will be a pretty, perfect couple destined to your ridiculous relationship. One is beautiful absurd thinker and one is a lier. MAY YOU BOTH REST IN PEACE!

Evidence for a wishful, creative, colorful thinker.

For my readers, i present to you the girl of my ex-boyfriends dreams. If you guys need translation, it would be my pleasure to do so.