Girl you are the grand winner

Four years and nine months comes to wates. She’s the one. I can’t bring myself to cease in giving her applause. She’s over the top of her glory! Can you blame me if i said enough is enough?

The first time i saw this girl, I already had a hunch that she is not an ordinary one, in a negative possible way. And i told my so called “boyfriend” to stay away from this girl. However, this boyfriend of mine, is to freaking friendly. So much to say and so much to talk about, blah blah blah blah. I know sure this is the perfect time to say this to you dude, “I told you so!”.
I don’t believe in either of them because, its too much to handle already. I really give the girl the credit for being the most creative and colorful imaginations. And for this “ex-boyfriend”(now), good job for making this relationship come to end.

You guys really need to get together and talk about it more often, because you stories doesn’t sync with each other. And pretty much, this you both problem, i don’t want to get involve myself with this crazy shit! All i want is you both step out of mylife. I know for sure that you will be a pretty perfect couple destined to this ridiculous relationship. One is beautiful absurd thinker and one is a lier. MAY YOU BOTH REST IN PEACE!

Evidence for a wishful, creative, colorful thinker.

For my readers, i present to you the girl of my ex-boyfriends dreams. If you guys need translation, it would be my pleasure to do so.



Low cost crisps with less than 200 calories

I was wondering what could i eat for today that will be simple and low budget. As i was browsing in the net ans stumble in this website- Low-Calorie Carrot Dinner Recipes. I found this Latkets and so i decided to make my own version. My very own Carrot and Potatoe Latkets. Each crispy Latkets are just around 80cal. Simple and low in calorie snack.
Carrots and potato crispsI love my Latkets with rice. Its my breakfast meal. Better with ketchup. Yum.

Im Back For Good

Its was a long 4 years since i was not so active in my blogging. I was away due to my studies abroad. knowing that if you are a full-time student in the Philippines, with BS in Nursing major, It was hard to keep up with everything. Yes, you heard me right! I came home to the Philippines to finish my Nursing, and yes, I am now a fresh graduate nurse. 

Within the four years of staying abroad, was back track of a lot of stories to tell. I wish I posted it to my blog all the happenings that i had. I experience a lot of drama’s we all can say a worth-fun-drama as to we speak. I met a lot of friends, being reunited with long lost family relatives, I even found my heart “skip to may lo my darling“, and most especially the enemies, kontrabidas, the bitters-sweet perks,  and snakes (sorry po, but that just the way you act on and off around me). 

I miss the people that really was there for me. I miss the way they say, “Manang LJ” to me. I have been carrying the name “LJ” for the past 4 years. This cuties classmates blessed me with a name, then two first letter of my real name. However, I am not going to spoil that part of the story. I will blog that one in the way ahead. 

I had the most blessed and greatful four years blast when i was away.

I hope I can keep my pace in blogging again actively.

And where are my kakulitan? Hope to reunite with them. 

Time to make it a little longer

Oh yes!. At last I found a theme that i could say “this is the best, yet”. It is simple yet little. I really do not like looking at the regular size pictures. i like it when it is a little bit smaller than the original. 

At this point, I am going to stay in this theme. It is really easy to costumize this one. Thanks to for making this easy to follow theme. It’s Great!

Last thing that i had from you

you know that i love you so much. but im so foolish to accept the fact that you are through of me.. kin, you told me to hold on to you even you pushed me aways. but enough is enough. i really cant stand being hurt like this. all the memories that i had from you, i wish that i cound keep it. but i need to move on and stop this feelings. sorry for all the shit-full things i did.. i need to forget all about you i need to forget you. Dang, you are the most hardest person to forget.. moving on.

Single: new chapter in life

Its hard to imagine the 3 years gone by and everything turned out wrong. Yes it hurt. It really hurts. I want to cry so hard. I really need someone to stay by my side. It hurts to feel alone again. I do not mat to see his face again, I do not want to hear his voice again. With a million of break up he did to me, i became heartless person. I cannot laugh easily. I don’t even know who I am today. I beg of him not to come back  to ease this pain. Its really hard, I know its really hard. However I also know that by doing this, I will be what I used to be. I need to regain myself again. I need to stand strong. even though i am so weak inside. I want to give up, but my mom’s been telling me i am her only hope. so now I need to stay firm form myself, and for my mom. 

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