Marine World in Canada



“My sister and my cousin Sharyl posting themselves in an advertisement add of the marine fun-card for students. I don’t know why but that is where the picture of the beluga whale is so.. that’s the portrait.”

I and my Family spent 3 days in Canada.. One of the places we went to is the Marine World. Actually it is not my fist time going there.I have been there 3 years ago yet i still want to express my inner child personality. I love animals especially when you really get a chance to hold them.

“Oh yeah! i held them with my own hands. Especially the killer whale, dolphin and the beluga whale.”

I admit they are stinky but they are so adorable. I cant get enough of them.

I and my cousin Sharyl have our own world. We took pictures of of our selves like crazy. Whether there are lot of people around us and most of them are children..

“Heck with them! I’m still a child trap in the body of a twenty years old lady!. hehehe..”

We also watch a seal and a dolphin show. Before it it also has a whale show but i don’t know why they don’t have it anymore yet it was fun though, watching the seal and dolphins do the tricks.


cimg5681.jpg cimg5693.jpg cimg5696.jpg cimg5697.jpg cimg5701.jpgcimg5702.jpg cimg5719.jpg cimg5730.jpg

Click HERE to view more pictures

i bought a souvenir neclacae for me , for my sister and for my cousin. its has a dolphin charm wrap around it. me and my cousin got the navy blue dolphin and my sister got a hte sky blue one.

“thank God. i have something from canada now because before i didnt have any. i left canada with out any memoribillia with me.”

it was a happy experience. with my my cousin with me, crazy as me, that goes to what my sane lavel is. it was a million thanks for her.


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